I’ve been a musicianproducercircus performerentrepreneurTED speaker, and book publisher.

I started CDBaby and HostBaby, until I felt done, then gave them away. My audio/book about it tells you everything I learned in one hour.

Now I’m a writerprogrammer, and student.

I’m fascinated with the usable psychology of self-improvement, business, philosophy, and culture. I love finding a different point of view.

INTJ, minimalist, solitary socialite, and a very slow thinker.

Deeply happy and anti-drama, my favorite fable is 塞翁失马.

Here’s what I’m doing now.

In this book, I tell you everything I learned from starting, growing, and selling CD Baby, compressed into an entertaining and useful one-hour read.

No secrets held back, I share the biggest mistakes, keys to its success, and the philosophies behind the big decisions.

Called “40 lessons for a new kind of entrepreneur”, it’s 10 years of experience in one hour, designed to be immediately usable for your own business or project.

Book Notes

Read Derek's awesome book notes  here

Read Derek's awesome book notes here

Music Marketing e-Book

Download Derek's e-book  here

Download Derek's e-book here