devotion to healing and peace

Much of Diana's work as a musician has been devoted to the causes of healing and world peace. She has composed many musical scores for healing recordings and videos. Working with pioneer psychiatrist Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, founder of the Hospice Care Movement, inspired Diana to play for hospice patients, as well as for others suffering from a multitude of causes. Diana has played at many hospitals, nursing homes, rehab centers and cancer centers over the years, finding that harp helps reduce anxiety and stress, and in many cases, pain.


labyrinth movement

The labyrinth movement is very close to Diana's heart and expanding its presence is her mission with harp. Diana performed harp music at some of the first labyrinth walks at Grace Cathedral in 1991, playing there ever since. Over the years, Diana has composed and improvised a large body of music inspired by labyrinth sites and the people who move through them. Music for the Labyrinth, her newest album with harpist Portia Diwa, inspires inner peace and mindfulness. Walking the labyrinth has helped people process negative thoughts and feelings and move forward into places of strength and positivity.

Harp class in session at  Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts , sponsored by MCMF // San Francisco

Harp class in session at Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, sponsored by MCMF // San Francisco

Mission Harp Ensemble, 2007

Mission Harp Ensemble, 2007

Bahia Vista Harp Ensemble

Bahia Vista Harp Ensemble

multi-cultural music fellowship

Diana founded the Multi-cultural Music Fellowship, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, in 1989 to introduce communities to the many different styles of world music and the expansion of these styles. She directed the Festival of Harps concert series and educational outreach programs for 20 years. It expanded its multi-cultural mission to include a touring World Festival of Harps program which traveled with a wide variety of harps throughout the US for over 10 years.

MCMF sponsors the Bay Area Youth Harp Ensemble to educate youth about various musical cultures and how to integrate the people and music from other countries.

Since 2006, MCMF has sponsored Mission Harp Ensemble, offering free classes to children who do not have the means to study harp, familiarizing them with the beautiful folkoric harp styles of Latin America.

Diana Stork leading members of Bay Area Youth Harp Ensemble

Diana Stork leading members of Bay Area Youth Harp Ensemble

champion for musical education

A popular harp teacher, Diana has been teaching privately in the Bay Area since 1983. She encourages her students to compose, improvise, perform and work with other musicians, cultivating confidence and creativity. Many of her students have blossomed to become world class artists, enriching audiences and reshaping the world of harp. Contact Diana for lessons here.


energized by world music

As a performing harpist, Diana’s eclectic style incorporates elements of many world music styles such as Hindustani Ragas of North India, the harps of South America and the Celtic music of Ireland, Scotland, Brittany and Wales. She comes from a classical piano and flute background, but is also well-versed in folk, pop and American jazz music styles. She has performed with the Line's Contemporary Ballet, the Maihar Orchestra under the baton of Maestro Ali Akbar Khan, and with Buddhist Monk Thich Nhat Hahn, to name a few.