Reaa Puri

Filmmaker // Activist

First and foremost, as a filmmaker, the question representation and inclusion in cinema is a central one. Not all of my projects involve direct action. My narrative projects emphasize collaboration with WOC, POC, LGBTQ identifying filmmakers/artists, along with writing scripts that, for instance, pass the Bechdel Test, and casting characters that are of diverse backgrounds. 

Most of my documentary projects have involved some sort of direct action/organizing.

wear your voice magazine

Reaa serves as Senior Editor of Cinematography at Wear Your Voice Magazine

dka panel: the hollywood inclusion crisis

hosted/organized by reaa puri

In the wake of the #oscarssowhite movement, the panel discussed the erasure of POC talent at the Oscars as a symptom of the larger issue of lack of diversity in Hollywood and the media. The panel tackled questions of intersectionality regarding gender, sexuality and ability.

de/fining lines

We Will Not Be Silent

fight fat phobia

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